Friday, August 3, 2012

Ma-ma-ma-magic, magic, magic!

Cousin summer fun. These kids are so fun. And they are growing up. And they are teaching each other and having fun and what more do you need in the hot weather besides Alpine splash zone and Beepa and a swimsuit and cousins? I can't recall why dad was visiting but he comes so often that recently, there was a 3 week gap and I asked Callie where dad was because he used to come so often. We love seeing him so much. Thank goodness Texas is one flight away for him and that he can always cram into the jumpseat of a plane to make it to us. Standby is NOT for the faint of heart. I remember trying to get home to California and Camille and I were on our own and stuck in DFW. I knew there were a ton of standby's in line and we had already used our D1's so we were not very high priority on the list. So I asked the agent to get us to ORD on the flight that left in 10 minutes because that is also a hub for American Airlines. I knew if we could get to Chicago, we could up our chances of getting home and releasing ourselves from D3 refugee status. So we ran to the other gate, made it to Chicago and got on a flight home. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. What an adventure for a little kid! How did we travel as kids without cell phones? Oh, yeah. Our parents got an 800 number to go straight to our house. Genius. I can't wait for the adventures these cousins will have together. My mom and dad let me and Camille go to Hawaii all by ourselves for 2 weeks. I went to volleyball camp and I assume Millie hit the beaches during the day. Our uncle was stationed there, but gone for training so we got to stay in his apartment and drive his car. What a dream! I remember I went the wrong way on Hwy 1 but the island is a circle and it doesn't take that long to circle back around to Ewa beach, so I just rode it out and we made it home. We hit up PCC and watched a guy climb a palm tree like a monkey. Someone asked where we were from. We told him and he said, "Beautiful girls come from there." Seriously, what an adventure. I have got to be sure to parent by the Spirit and keep in mind the awesome things my parents let me experience. Earth. Is. Cool.

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