Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Papa!

For Dad's birthday, we went down to St. George for a cousin wedding and stayed at Sports Village. It was fun to hang at the pool with Bennetts and eat Papa's special birthday cake - the same recipe that President Monson's mother, Gladys, was famous for on birthdays in the Monson home. Remember when President Monson tells about taking dinner each Sunday down to Old Bob and Bob offers to tip him for delivery and Tommy Monson says, "Oh, no. I couldn't take that. My mother would tan my hide!" And Nigel does an awesome demonstration of how to tan your own hide. Gladys Condie Monson lived in Salt Lake City next to all of her sisters. Their wedding present from their dad was a duplex where they could live in one side and rent out the other. Well, Gladys made this special cake for Old Bob's birthday, too.

So...we made Papa this cake for his birthday. It was delicious. And huge. And delicious. And Lance got to open up his birthday present, as well. He looks amazing. Happy Birthday, Papa. We love you. Happy Birthday, Lance. We love you. May you range powerfully for a long time!

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