Saturday, August 4, 2012

Briggs Family Reunion

This reunion happens on the first Saturday in August at SugarHouse park every summer. Ila Briggs is my paternal grandmother. She died when she was 49. Her cousins have children who have children who are my generation but still a lot older than me because Grandma Ila (a twin to Ira) was the youngest of 9 from Lizzie and Frank Briggs. They have been attending these reunions for a while. I loved the pictures of the pictures that I got showing our family through the years. I completely remember the heart SuzanneWear shirts and that trip dad walked into the Ashby Hills tudor style house in Goldsboro, North Carolina and said, "Who wants to go to Utah?" And Camille and I were the only ones home and we packed our clothes and a cooler and dad drove STRAIGHT to Utah. I think it's 40 hours of driving! I remember he had to pee and wouldn't stop because I assume it was keeping him awake. Totally awesome. This summer, Evelyn touched a dead duck (there were quite a few around the pond - totally freaky) and a second cousin, twice removed (how does that all work anyway?) saved her by de-germing her hands before she contaminated us all with dead duck disease. For many reasons, yay for family relationships.

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