Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kid Friendly

Neighbor Boy (with hands over his eyes): One. Two. Three.
Ila (running away to hide but apparently doesn't think she has enough time): Count to 20!
Neighbor Boy: No! I don't know how!

Neighbor Boys (after making a sign and asking for help on how to spell): No girls allowed!
Christine: You're going to like girls some day.
Neighbor Boy: Yeah, but that's when we're adults and right now we are kids. We need some space.

Ila (after making a sign of her own without help spelling but it was a picture of the two boys that were keeping them out of their fort): You can't come onto our property.
Ruby: Yes, you can. Come on.

After 30 minutes of boys versus girls, everyone reconciled because Chipmunk Adventures was in the same room.
Neighbor Boy: We can all be in the same room.


Camille said...


Oh man. Thanks for sharing these...

Rach said...

I know!! Seriously, these stories crack me up!! Little kids are so funny.
Today at the doctor Lily said to me, "Mom, take off your shoes so the doctor can taste your feet!"

Anna Cosby said...

hilarious. how old was that neighbor boy with the amazing insights?