Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mercy, I beg of you

One of my sisters friends (very hip, very cute, very much doesn't have any children of her own yet) talking to Johnny boy: Hi, cutie. Did you dress yourself this morning?

No, he did not.
Yes, it is long past time for laundry to be done at our house.
No, his mismatched clothing is not a negative reflection of him.
Yes, you will eventually understand.


Rach said...

Laundry, Shmaundry. When I get desperate, I just dip paper towels in KoolAid and stick them to Lily's naked body. Tadaa...cute pink outfit!

Anna Cosby said...

Oh that cracks me up. Even more is that even when you do have clean laundry and they're dressing themselves, they want to wear the same ratty clothes everyday and look like hobos.

Amy said...

Funny! I do cringe every time Emily picks out her own clothes. And then if I don't do her hair on top of that she looks like a full-on orphan.

Christine Segura said...

Christine, I just love you! You are so funny. Keep it up babe! Love you.