Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Young Women in Excellence

Working with the Young Women has been so fun. It makes me think of Mimi Larsen and Karen Fife and Nece Capron - women who helped to mold me into the woman that I choose to be today. They served with love and care, trying to guide me toward developing my own testimony. I am grateful for their dedicated service and love. When I serve, I think of how they served and try to do the same. They truly followed the example of the Savior in teaching and doing.

Young Women in Excellence was an evening at mutual last week where all of our girls got to showcase Personal Progress projects they have accomplished. I was happy to see the variety and personality that came through in the projects - freezer jam, cooking, cheerleading, sign language, honor roll, babysitting for temple night and lots of other great projects. These girls are darling, anxiously engaged in good things.

Our evening focused on a super hero theme with the girls being featured as the super heroes. So I made each of them a super hero doll. It was a fun project post WiP. It was fun to sew different pieces of fabric together and come up with this.

The girls are future mothers and future young women presidents and future everything. When I interact with them, I try to keep in mind something I saw in someone's family mission statement. "We treat people according to their potential". Isn't it true that we judge others on their actions and ourselves on our intentions? Remember adolescence? Wow. Looking back, I could see myself turning out so differently. I'm so glad the way I turned out and it's because of those wonderful leaders, along with my own mom. Thank goodness for people who look outside of themselves to lift others and please let me be one of those people.

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