Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Johnny Quattro

Johnny boy,
You are my Joy! I can't help but tell you that every day. Because every day you do something that brings me joy. On your birth day you pretended to be a dog for 10 minutes straight. Licking, barking, rolling over, shaking, and fetching. You even took your presents by biting them and shaking them. You would not use your hands. When the jacket was out of the box you bit it and carried it around. You do something that makes me laugh and smile every day. You are the best boy a dad could ask for.
I love you.


becky comstock said...

Christine you are AMAZING with all the things you do! I just read your last 3 posts. I love the quote about how to treat people I am going to put that somewhere in my home! Your children are so gorgeous! You have such a darling family.

Rach said...

Happy Birthday cute boy!! You are adorable and soooooo stinking handsome. Your parents are awesome...remember to listen to everything they say! Now tell your mommy to get you some CANDY! Love, Rach, Dan and Lily

Amy said...

What a handsome birthday boy! It looks like he had the time of his life at his little party. What a cutie.