Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I should be sponsored by Reader's Digest

Eventually I am going to make money off of all these hilarious children.

At the park today, we were splashing around in some puddles created by the sprinklers with Johnny boy and 2 of our neighbor girls age 7 and 4. Johnny was completely soaked and I had him out in the sun to dry.

Me: Isn't this sunshine beautiful? It's so nice and warm.

7 year old neighbor: Yeah, there is not one single cloud in the sky.

Me: I hope we don't get sunburned.

7 year old neighbor: Yeah, look how tan I am. I am so tan.

(Then, after looking at me)

7 year old neighbor: You are not tan...not at all.

At home we made lemonade for the lemonade/chocolate cookie stand and another little friend was helping me make the refill. He is 3 years old and was a pro. It's obvious his mom lets him help make stuff because of how comfortable he was pouring in the sugar and stirring. I asked him to take a taste test.

3 year old neighbor: This needs some more sugar because it tastes a little like nasty.

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Felt Family said...

OH, that is hilarious. I'm so excited for McKay to talk more. I had a good one too--we were at the pool friends and family--including our little 7 year old friend and my sister Emily who had to go to work from 3-9. She said

"Oh, you work at night. My brother works at night too. You probably know him then. He is named Brian, and he is nice. I don't know what he does, but he works at night too."

Emily: "Oh, I don't think I know him"

"Wow, its just not many people work at night, I wonder why you haven't met him yet"

She is from St. George, my sister works at my retail store.

It was so sweet and innocent
Gotta love those kids!