Saturday, May 31, 2008

You've had a birthday, Shout HURRAY!

Happy Birthday, Jacob! We spent the night at Nana and Papa Covey's and woke up at 6:30 am to give Jake breakfast in bed. He had a football skills competition at Weber State and had to leave early to get there. This is what we woke up, big bite, dude.

Then, the tradition in the Covey family is that you earn $100 (that's four hundred quarters or one thousand pennies or in this case, two crisp fifty dollar bills. FYI, Ulysses S. Grant is the president on the $50 bill.) Okay, back on track - You earn $100 if you reach your 16th birthday having never been kissed. Jacob is the youngest of five children in his family and the first to rise to the challenge. Wow, good self-discipline, dude. I tried to get the $100 retroactively because my first kiss was at age 18, but no can do. Oh well. Congratulations and happy birthday, Jacob.


Micah and Camille Anderson said...

Jacob is a pretty handsome dude.

Amy D. said...

Funny! I also could get the $100 retroactively if they'd allow. You should really try and get them to change the rules, and to include friends of family members who qualify. I liked the tribute to your brothers too, especially the "give the boys a hayayayand.