Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hometown Buffet

Last week, Callie, Camille, Catie, Nigel, Johnny Quattro and I went back to our hometown - Merced, California. It was so great to relax together, enjoy all the aspects of California that we miss so much and remind ourselves of our roots.

Here's some basic information about Merced.

Population: 79,715 (Make that 79,721 for the week we were there. Don't worry, I was keeping my eyes on the road the whole time.)

Merced is the Gateway to Yosemite - 2 hours away from Yosemite National Park.

We all wanted to move back to Merced but after a thorough tutoring session from our friend Dave, a public defender attorney of Merced, gangs are definitely thriving in my hometown. He had some crazy stories and background information about what is what in the gang scene in Merced. Not to mention the bullet hole in the flower shop window on Main Street.

Merced even has their own website

All in all, Merced rocks. My old home sweet home - 2461 White Fir Court is a testament to the crazy housing market. We went back and someone bought the house for 58% of what my mom sold it for 3 years ago. That is practically buy one, get one free, people. CRAZY.

The trip was fun - lots of eating and reading and traveling. A fun way to spend our mother's day. Mother (with taco) really is another word for LOVE.

We got to see Grandpa Dee - my dad's dad. Dee Pontius Davis is father to Dee Frederick Davis, who is father to Dee Scott Davis - my dad. Dad decided to stop the mania by naming his son Collin Scott Davis. I hope to have a little boy and name him Scott, after my dad.

Shout out to Merced and sisters' trips and mothers!


Julie said...

Sounds like you all had a complete blast! Awesome, I'm glad I get to live vicariously through all my friends. Can't wait to see you after I move up to the northern least from where I am currently located.

Megs said...

A road trip with Davis girls. What could be more fun. So glad you got to go and so glad you had such a good time.