Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de Mayo Party

It's party-hardy time here with the Covey clan. We went to a Cinco de Mayo celebration hosted by Catie and Carlie. I think we decided that Cinco de Mayo is recognized because the Mexican army defeated the French army while the United States was tied up in its own civil war, keeping France from eventually moving north. Thanks to Mexico, we are not speaking French today. (Mais, j'aime le langue de francais parce qu'il y a beacoup de mots que j'adore en francais - par example - pomme de terre - c'est un mot fantastique, n'est-ce pas?).

It was fantastico and delicioso with fajitas, burritos, quesadillas, chips and salsa, spicy Mexican candy, pinatas, Rueda de la Fortuna (thanks, Callie) and of course - Selena, The Movie. I only watched a part of it, but can quickly see why Selena is an icon. Thanks for the party, Cate and Sue!


Tara & Jeff said...

Hey!! What a cute family you have!! I found your blog thru Michelle's...I love blogs--you get to take a 'peek' at everyone's life!! So good to "see ya" and your cute little boy!! Looks like you are loving life!!

Tara aka Sister Rolandelli :)

Corinne said...

how fun! Your little guy is looking so big!

Nicolas and Elaine Ward said...

Christine, it's Elaine Mercado. . .well, Ward now. How the heck are ya? Your little boy is so adorable. Tell your wonderful Mama I said hello. Adios!