Monday, January 14, 2008

A walk in the library

This week, we went to the library with Isaac and Camille and Nigel. We went to the dinosaur section and picked 16 books for Isaac to take home. That's right - 16. While Isaac was picking books, Johnny Quattro was running around looking for photo opps.

He's like the little traveling gnome.

One day we'll read about fish and dinosaurs and all other kinds of creatures.

I'm not admitting that this is a New Year's resolution or anything. It just happens to be a change that I've made in my life that just happens to be near the change of one year to the next. And I have to say in my defense that I was doing this before the year started. Walking. Jogging. Let's call it wogging. I'm following a program with my sisters called from Couch to 5K. We walk a little bit, we run a little bit and I'm sore enough after 3 times a week that I consider it effective.

Here's Johnny Quattro with his cousin Nigel enjoying the jogger (walker, whatever).

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Abe and Meg said...

Love the blog! I love it because I can see what everyone is up to all the time and it makes it easy to keep in touch. Little Johnny is sooo cute! I really like the pic of him all dressed up with no where to go...what a cute outfit! Oh we also like the big John little John matching outfits. haha you guys are so fun. Check out out blog: