Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Honesty, like modesty, is always in style

So I will be honest. I LOVE picking my son's boogers. I love cleaning house in there. I love the satisfaction of pulling one out and seeing it on a Q-tip. It's the perfect combination of gross yet fun. I love clearing the way. I love contributing to more oxygen getting to his brain. (I am, after all, incredibly concerned with the development of his brain with the cod liver oil that tastes like Pledge furniture polish that I drink every day as a testament to that loving concern).

Here are a few pics of the glorious process.


Justin, Julie and Cohen Sacks said...

Hey Christine! I am so happy that I found your blog! It's so good to see that you are enjoying life being a mom. I have to say, I enjoy doing the same thing with our little boy! But they do grow to hate it, at least he does anyway. We have a blog too if you ever want to check it out! justinandjuliesacks.blogspot.com Are you enjoying your new house? Is being a Mom everything you hoped for?! :)

Abe and Meg said...

I will have to admit that is pretty sick, but I am glad you find enjoyment in it. haha. We had a blast last night. I am looking forward to my left overs for lunch today! yeah! I love that place, yum!