Sunday, October 26, 2014

Spring Break!!!

Las Vegas was awesome! Minus the crazy cleaning ladies who kept our deposit because they said our room was too dirty. Too dirty!? This OCD mom put all the towels in piles separated by size, put all the garbage in a corner for ease of disposal, scrubbed the toilet. The only lie is the toilet. So after trying to fight the charge I can still look back on spring break with a smile. We left without dad because he had a client to stay behind for and he went on a trip of his own to California. So it was fun. They had a pool on the roof. Johnny laid back in his chair and declared, "This is the life!" We drove through Arizona, where Lacey used to live. And We stopped to visit one of Lacey's boy friends in Mesquite. We stayed in St. George to visit the McCombs. They are always so nice to let us stay. And we got to see the Mangus family. It was a great trip. No school and we love to hit the road. 

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