Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bad Joke

What do you get when you're on third base and your coach sends you to steal home? A fractured foot! Lacey took it like a champ but x-rays show that her foot was fractured. She slid in home and was totally safe despite being called out by the umpire. Her muscle actually pulled a sliver of bone away from her foot. She had to wear a boot and brace and ice and elevate for quite a while. We ended up missing most of the rest of the season but it was fun. Cay was there for the slide and we all went to InstaCare for the results. Nancy, our case worker, even came with the bad news that we had to get a new worker. So sad. But at least Lacey looks good in a wheel chair. 

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AlexisAR said...

I learned in my first med school class that such a fracture is properly called and evulsion fracture. The remaining sliver of bone just has to be gradually absorbed, but it hurts like #$^!! in the meantime. The injury to the surrounding muscles and connective tissue is actually the most oainful part of the ordeal.