Thursday, March 14, 2013

William Jones Rocks!

Micah and I were talking about how he could have picked a different number for the ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter that would have translated to a better pie baking season of the year when fresh fruit was in abundance, but such is life. You can't change the ratio even though it would have been better for selfish reasons in July. Well, Happy Pi day. We celebrated by making cherry pie and delivering them to the person we know who most loves cherry pie. We made a roux and a raspberry pie for our daddy. I was so happy for my pie dough. It survived my flash freeze in the freezer that was only supposed to be 30 minutes but turned into an hour but it came out great anyway. Not that I tried it because it has cane sugar in it, just like everything else on the planet and my blood test says I am reactive to cane sugar, chicken, green FD&C #3 and #5, hydrogenated oil, gin and boysenberries. Hence cherry pie instead of boysenberry. Hence milk instead of gin on the rocks tonight. We baked together today. Evelyn's shirt ended up with more flour on it than mine but we both started out clean. Shout out to Jacob's state for providing the berries for the pies.

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