Monday, December 10, 2012

Tennis Ladies

So you can't always get what you want. Repeat. Repeat. But you get what you need! And tennis is what I need. I love that I went to stake women's volleyball night and mentioned that I loved to play tennis and I got a phone call late one night a few nights later from Sheri Libutti asking me to come play with her group of ladies at BYU. And they all know Grandma Covey. And they are competitive. And they let me play with them. And they invited me to their Christmas dinner and I made mom's Kneaders bread pudding and Johnny and I slid into the sidewalk because I told him to go straight when I should have told him to turn and in the ice we just slid. And we took pictures with 8 different cameras but this is the clearest shot we got. Which is kind of appropriate considering the way people call lines when we play together. I'm just saying. A quartet of women sang lovely Christmas songs and it was lovely and cheerful and everything good. I'm glad to be associated with them. Merry Christmas, tennis ladies.