Monday, December 31, 2012

Phirst Phamily Photo

English really is a weird language when you stop and think about it. I before E except after C. Some of these rules don't make sense. And Johnny is learning K and C sounds and how do I explain that PH can sound like F? It's a little much.

What is not too much is our first family picture!!! Thanks to Collette for catching all 6 of us. It's about time. I do think that chlorine creates iron deficiency so we look a little pale and prunish, but here we are! And here's to taking more family fotos!

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becky comstock said...

Oh my word Christine you are so right. I will teach my darling class of eager 1st graders a reading rule and then ask them if they can think of any words with that sound and they will say a word and I will say "UHHHH, yes that does have that sound but it is spelled this way... It is a rule breaker." It is a wonder any of us learn to read. :)