Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ice, Ice baby

Nana took us sledding in Midway. It was quite the adventure because there was a family there with a dog. They were generous in letting us pet their dog and play with her. There was also a playground that was partially available in the snow. The sledding was fun even though the hill was an intense climb. Climbing up a hill strategy 101 says walk in the deep foot impressions of those who have climbed before you. The duck pond was cute. It was 90% frozen over with a small opening for the ducks that were there. I was still putting layers on Davis in the car, but I looked out the window to see Johnny boy venturing out onto the ice. I screamed for his dad to go get him. Instead of venturing out, he beckoned Johnny back because he didn't think the ice would hold 2 Johnnys. Good call. Evelyn didn't have so great of luck with the ducks. She leaned a little too close and fell in. Poor girl! Freezing water. Great dad with fast reflexes to pull her right out. We hodge podged another warm outfit together for her and enjoyed the rest of the day. I think Van, Katie, Collette and Kyle had a slightly less interesting time cross-country skiing while the rest of us flirted with hypothermia.

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