Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Super Star

There is something wonderful about holding a baby. They are so pure and full of love. Davis was on rock star status while we visited Grandpa Dee Frederick Davis and Bruce & Robin & Kinzie Davis. It was awesome to watch him interact with everyone. Fun trip. Amazing aviary in the backyard that I never took a picture of, but Johnny loved talking to Millie, the hen (because she has a million spots on her feathers) and Sherby, the princess of wales parakeet (because she looks like rainbow sherbet).
Speaking of rainbow sherbet, Johnny offered me some once, thinking it was my favorite.
M: What? You don't know me! I don't like sherbet.
J: What? You had it at our wedding reception!
M: That is because it was cheap and I thought it was elegant in my waffle bowls and champagne glasses. And because my mom gave me a wedding budget and I got to keep every penny I saved so I ordered sherbet from BYU. Ok? Can we go back to being soulmates who know eachother now?

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