Friday, September 2, 2011

Phil Dawg

I have called Philip this forever. Why? Who wants to be called an animal (besides Johnny boy and Tom Rowan - when we went to Merced for our reception, Tom Rowan was about 7 years old and Johnny asked him what his name was. "You can call me Tom. Tom the bomb. Or Tom the tiger. And Tom the Bear. Really, you can call me Tom and then any animal.")
Philip, I hope I'm not offending you. You are my Phil-Dawg. You don't mind. You tell me so. You were so nice to hang out with us and take Johnny to the movies. We love you. And you took me to Prom. I remember La Hacienda and nausea on the bus ride. Why did they put highschool kids on a bus to go to Prom? Is location really that big of a deal? I suppose so. But we don't care now, right? It wasn't worth throwing up over, right? Right, Phil-Dawg.

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