Friday, August 26, 2011

Parks and Recreation

It's my area of study - Parks and Recreation. I have loved going from park to park, seeing what different cities have and watching families enjoy being together. The city of Anaheim has a traveling Art Truck. It sets up shop at different parks throughout the city and provides a craft for free. Darling. We truly camp out in a park (or library) each day and Johnny sets up his office (folding table, camping chair, notebooks, EVO & laptop) somewhere in the shade nearby (actually as far away as the kids will let him be). My kids have an unlimited supply of Vitamin D. We put sunscreen on now because Johnny boy told me I burned him, which I did. I let him take off his shirt to run through the sprinklers and I never put it back on. So he got a little more sun than he should have.

But the true beauty of hanging out in a park in California has been the vendors walking through. Corn on a stick WITH mayonnaise and butter and cheese and chile powder - delicious. Strawberry ice cream - yum. And we have a strategy with Evelyn's appearance. She is a dirt magnet. My hypothesis is that she actually licks her hands, rubs her cheeks and massages dirt into her pores. That is truly what she looks like. But it's all part of the plan to cover up her beauty so no one kidnaps her. It's been working so far...

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Camille said...

I love this! Oh Evelyn. I can't wait to wipe off some dirt from those cheeks for a big kiss.