Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blessings so you don't even have room to receive them

He was blessed that he will have an amazing life. He was reminded that he has an amazing family and support system. And he was very happy to be blessed, not to have pictures taken. He was blessed with the blanket my grandmother's mother started making and my grandmother finished it. And many grandchildren have had it wrapped around them while they received a name and a blessing.

Davis' middle name comes from my great-great-great grandfather, Alexander Matheson, who helped save the town of Panguitch in the spring of 1864. The crops had failed and families did not have enough food to survive the winter. So Alexander and 6 other men walked through the deep snow over the mountains to Parowan. Today, it is 50 miles to drive from Panguitch to Parowan, but these brave men walked the 20 miles over the mountains. Their wagons sank in the snow, so they walked on the quilts they brought with them. Parowan settlers drove them as far back as they could, but these men had to quilt walk back home carrying the flour they brought.

I appreciate the sacrifice of those who have gone before and honor those who were willing to do the hard things. Likewise, I try to be willing to do hard things today.

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