Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hebgen Lake 2010

6 hours of driving with 3 in-laws and 2 cute little kids both 2 years old and younger and 1 large pregnant belly and 1 boat in tow and driving through 3 states with 1 stop for Subway are totally worth all the memories of Hebgen Lake 2010.

I would like to consider him as supportive of fighting breast cancer instead of dwelling on the fact that the only color he can recognize is pink. These were borrowed shoes from some generous cousins. Johnny is proudly displaying a bug he just caught.

Poor papa recovering from back surgery. We gave him a man bouquet - fake flowers with gift certificates for movies and pizza.

That man knows how to put his shoulder to the water.

There are too many funny things to mention about this picture, but I will try. He is body surfing after letting go of his surf board. You might be wondering about the helmet. He didn't use it for safety because of his surfing tricks, but rather for his sunburned head. And his facial expression is just pure joy. He's not joking around. He's happy to be gulping gallons of lake water.

Driving over to the 2010 Olympics. May the best team win bragging rights for a year from competitions such as cheer (we won), tallest human tower (we lost), relay races (we lost) and team swim (can't remember, didn't participate, but totally remember my first summer at Hebgen it was an individual event and I represented my team and caught up to Christian Morris just in time to take the victory. Only 5 years in the family and already I am reliving glory days).

We are the red dynamite!
We've got the heavy, We've got the light
We don't wear our suits too tight
Do not mess with us in a fight
Kaboom! We're dynamite!

That is real blood on his face. Red team does not mess around.

We sat out the swimming events. But these cousins are cuties. Eve and Joseph.

Johnny jumped on the sand court for the annual Covey/Richards game.

Annual Hebgen Lake muscle shot with at least one cooperative John.


Amy said...

Awesome trip. You amaze me all the time at how much life you do. Way to go. You look great, by the way.

Megs said...

The trip sounds like so much fun. How cute are you, by the way. You look amazing. So glad you had time with family!!