Monday, August 23, 2010

Cousins Camp 2010

So we had all of our Davis cousins out to Cedar Fort for our first annual cousins camp. I had a million plans of what to do and activities to participate in but we ended up enjoying a lot of just playing. Duh. 2 years of a masters degree telling me how important unstructured play is and I'm still surprised at how true the application of everything I learned really is.
3 days of fun with the cousins. My favorite results include Eve knowing Nigel's name, Johnny walking around the next day after the cousins had left asking for Lulu and Ila, and Nigel's words during camp "Tiney, I'm crying!" and walking by a 10 year old and his grandpa working on their yard and Nigel calling out to the 10 year old "Hey, little man!". Can't wait for Cousins Camp 2011.


Rach said...

What cute kids! PS: I love your belly!!

Amy said...

What fun! I love cousin time for my kiddos.

Tyler and Rachael said...

YOU are amazing for hosting such fun-ness!!