Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanksmas 2009

Fun whirlwind of Thanksmas feast, chatting together, cousin sleepovers, Cinnamon french toast, In-n-out, babies napping and being together.

Happy Thanksmas! I loved hearing what everyone was grateful for. I remember dad being grateful for the love of his children. I was grateful for the passing of time and all the progression and growth that brings. Tito Juan was grateful for his family, immediate and extended, and grateful for Thanksmas miracles. Callie was not feeling well, but was given a blessing so that she could participate in Thanksmas because of the important missionary tool that it is in our family. True that, Jon. My testimony grew from being with my family.

And that is what Thanksmas is all about.


Christine Segura said...

Christine! I love your blog. Would you give me your address? I also need Collette's new address, if you have it. Thanks!

Hannah Stevenson said...

I was hoping for another ugly sweater contest picture. Oh well. Looks like a party!