Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy 4.5

I'm so glad I made this decision. Or maybe I'm so glad he made this decision. Call me a mathlete, but today is our 4.44 anniversary. I'm usually not sentimental with, actually, I was digging through my temple bag, found my sealing slip and wanted to scan it in to have forever documented. The numbers just happen to crunch to 4.44. And yes, I did get out a calculator and crunch the numbers. But what a wonderful 4.44 it is.

I am happy. This man helps me to be my best self. I would do anything for him and for the children he has given me.


Rach said...

If it counts for anything, I too am so happy that you two are together! You are seriously the.perfect.woman for Johnny. And thank you, THANK YOU for making such beautiful babies with him!! :)

Collette said...

I am so grateful you found eachother and that i get to have you as a sister. I love you so much Christine! Happy 4.44 :)

MichaelandCamilleBennett said...

You two are so wonderful together. I just love you both (and of course your 2 beautiful children!)