Sunday, August 2, 2009

I love to see

The temple. It is a holy place. We were able to get our recommends signed by our stake president 14 hours before we needed them to watch our cousin, Jenaca & Stephen Jett be sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a beautiful celebration. I was impressed by 2 different things that family members said. People were giving compliments about the bride and groom and the groom's stories started to turn into a little bit of highlighting points of his life when he wasn't his best self. The joking came to an end when a wise father said with all the love in his heart, "When you're 23 years old, you're allowed to be 23." How sage. How open-minded. What a darling thing to say after already having been 23 and watching your son grow and mature into who he is going to be.

Then, the groom was telling about asking for the bride's hand in marriage. He was nervous and the father of the bride said, "Yes, as long as you promise me one thing." The groom said, of course he was going to say yes, he just hoped that it was a promise he could keep. He said, "You've got to promise me that you'll take her back to her Father in Heaven." And as the groom was telling the story to all of us, he looked his bride in the eyes and said with all the love in the world, "I promise you that we will return to our Father in Heaven." How gorgeous. He wasn't arrogant or proud. He just knew in whom he had trusted. Which is the same for all of us. Through no justification of our own, we all can return to our Father in Heaven. Through Jesus Christ, we are justified and sanctified. What a blessing.

It was a WONDERFUL day.

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