Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday!

We love you, Beepa! We are so happy to have a day to celebrate your existence. We celebrated all the way up to Salt Lake while we were riding trax together.

Double birthday celebrations this month because it was Papa's birthday, too on August 12. We celebrated with breakfast at the kitchen table at Hebgen one (Papa had already been up for hours by the time we woke up to make him breakfast). We wrote him this song. (To the tune of There was an old lady who swallowed a fly - a song that Papa and Nana sing to their 2 boys)
There was a young baby born on an army base
I don't know why he had such a cute face
Perhaps that's still the case

There was a little kindergardner on his first day of school
He came home and he knew he would rule
His mom asked him how?
If he was fighting, she'd have a cow
He could just tell by looking around

There was a little girl, she was right on the money
Tried to get Johnny Covey to call her honey
It was only 4th grade
From him she never strayed
Perhaps marriage plans will be made

There was a young man who wrote lots of letters
His penpal stayed home and knitted him sweaters
I don't know why
Buttons on the wrong side
She cried and cried and cried

There was a teenager who drove down to Provo
wanted to see a girl, gave her no warning though
She'd change her plans
Her parents didn't understand
Perhaps he'll get canned

There was a young elder who went on a mission
GOODBYE FOREVER so she kept on fishing
He was almost too late
He changed Scott Woolley's fate
February 5th was the date

There is a loving father who gives the triple kiss
He offers Neosporin if something is amiss BUT NOT THE GENERIC BRAND
He lays his own tile
He goes the extra mile
He's got a great smile
He irons all the while
He's got a son named Kyle
49 years old is his trial

He better not die!

Happy Birthday to our Papa and Beepa both. We love you!

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