Sunday, June 7, 2009

Name and a Blessing

Evelyn received a name and a blessing today in our brand new Lehi 43rd ward. It was so fun to get ready for everything. Shout out to my husband - I love being on his team and having his support in everything that I do. Why wait for a holiday to celebrate him? Every day is "my husband rocks" day at my house. Oh no. I'm thinking of a surprise gift I bought for Johnny for Father's Day but I have NO idea where I hid it...hmmmmm. Oh well, on to the next shout out to everyone who helped so much. I appreciate it so much. My mom saved the day so that I could take a shower before going to church. She stepped in and wrapped up my projects for me so that the people sitting in the pew behind me didn't pass out from the stench of my stink. Thanks, mom. And if the people in that pew had any clue about their alternative smell experience, they would thank you, too.

Evelyn was so calm and mellow during her blessing. Who was crying? Not her, but yes, her older brother was. Reminds me of the day he got his name and blessing. Poor guy. we just switched to 11 o'clock church which is, of course, nap time. He got gypped from a Sunday nap today so nursery will be especially interesting next week.

Evelyn is such a joy. We cherish her. It was wonderful to spend the day celebrating her. Thanks to everyone who came and special thanks to everyone so willing to help us host. I love my life.

Notice my matching purple shoes to Eve's dress? Totally awesome. I could get into this clothing situation for a little girl.


Megs said...

You know I am digging the shoes. You both look so beautiful. I am so happy it was such a nice day for your family. I am thinking of you while I am in Utah!!

Amy said...

What a sepcial day! Ev looks adorable in her dress and you also look terrific, by the way.

Rach said...

Thank you so much for having everyone come over and trash your house for a few was all worth it because Evelyn looked SO beautiful. Seriously, when she's a teenager you're going to WISH you had an ugly baby! (Okay, well maybe Johnny will because then he won't have to fight off all the boys who come over!) You guys are great!

Tom and Mel said...

I'm so glad everything went so well! You and her make a beautiful mother/daughter pair!

itsawonderfullife said...

She is absolutely adorable! What a great day it looked like you all had!

Anna Cosby said...

I'm wishing right now that my wedding dress looked more like Ev's blessing dress. You two look great!