Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Zoo Keeper

We went on a cousins excursion to Kangaroo Zoo last night. It is the ultimate kid play place. You run around, have fun in the bounce house, make new friends, get worn out, pick up a snack for a reasonable price and then go home.

Johnny has learned to stand up on his own and he waves and says bye. Like whenever we walk out of my bedroom, where we hang out together working on homework, he waves and says, "Bye!"

Lulu bug, Nigel and Johnny enjoyed their special play area. I'm not thinking about the fact that hundreds of 2 year old and unders have played on, wiped their noses on, possible licking going on, and touched those toys. I hope Kangaroo Zoo gives them the occasional wipe down.

Nigel is so generous with his hugs. If you have ever been the lucky recipient, you know he genuinely means I love you with every hug. Johnny looks like he thinks he's getting pick-pocketed, but I assured him that nothing sketchy was going on.


Catie said...

Dang our family has cute kiddos.

Rach said...

Look at that long hair! Dang, what a cutie.