Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I love fathers. I love their willingness to fulfill their divine callings to provide, preside and protect their families. I love how the fathers in my life contribute meaningfully to their families. They give and sacrifice and work and teach to ensure happiness and progression. My father that raised me rocks the house. He is kind, caring, loving and fun to be around. When I was little, dad was trying to get the Christmas tree to fit into the stand, but even having the screws put in all the way, the trunk was too skinny. I suggested that dad use some wood chips to brace between the trunk and the screws so that the stand could keep the tree in place. I will never forget what my dad told me. He said that I should be an engineer when I grew up because I was such a problem solver. I want to be that kind of parent - the one that helps their children to understand their limitless potential. Shout out to dads that build up their children instead of putting them down.

Shout out to all those that accept the challenge to be fathers.

We celebrated at our house by having Collin, Catie, Carlie, Micah, Camille, Nigel, Papa Jerry. Mom, Callie and Isaac come over for dinner and a little American Idol competition afterwards.

We got our dad a shirt for Father's Day. When I told my primary kids it was BYU blue, they erupted into some major applause. This shirt shows off your biceps, babe. Love it.

Cate and Sue were the best rockers. Ask them to show you their dance moves, too.

Isaac was so happy because he loves country music and the songs on the boat are the same songs he has in his car! Isaac tore it up and actually knew the words to sing.

American Idol is a serious competition not for the faint of heart or vocal chords. The louder you belt it, the easier it is to sing on key, as demonstrated by me and mom doing our Reba impersonation! Good times on the microphone, people.

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Hannah Stevenson said...

Now THAT looks like FUN!