Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Three years ago, Johnny and I became a covenant couple. Who knew life could be so much fun? It was definitely worth the wait and I'm so grateful for the teamwork that pushes each of us to be our best selves for each other. Shout out to marriage and shout out to all of the memories. Keep in mind people, that marriage is all about love and being able to laugh at yourself.

Here are just a few memories from our quote book.

We were engaged and I was planning the wedding and working full time. Of course we did everything on a budget and looked for buy one, get one free. Johnny wrapped his arms around me one night after a long day of scheduling everything, intending to give me a compliment and said, "You do so many annoying things."

We were registering for gifts and Johnny fell in love with a shower curtain. He's standing in front of this shower curtain, practically drooling over it. "I don't know why I love this shower curtain so much. It's perfect. Why do I love this shower curtain?" I didn't really understand, but I didn't care and especially not if Johnny expressed an opinion about registering for gifts. We would do what he requested because we're both so laid back. Then, 3 months later, we're living in his parents' basement and I' figured out why he loved the shower curtain so much as I was in the guest bathroom looking at the exact same one.

I can't keep a secret. I get too excited and then I feel like I can't lie about it and then I ruin it. I was driving in the car before we were married and Johnny called me on the phone. A simple question was my undoing. "What are you doing?" I burst out with the truth that should have been my surprise for our wedding day. "I'm having our wedding rings engraved with our names on the inside!" What else would I be doing?

We were newly married and I was complaining about my weight. "I'm so fat," I complained. Johnny, in his sensitive and loving way, trying to encourage me to be proactive replied, "Don't SAY things like that." My ears perked up, waiting for the reassurance that I was gorgeous and skinny. He continued, "What are you going to DO about it?"

We received a tent as one of our wedding gifts and I was determined to use it. So, instead of going up the canyon, we just went "camping" in the backyard...on the deck. It rained all night and out of complete loving concern, I kept asking Johnny if he were getting wet. It would have been a romantic story of a new bride caring for her new husband except for the fact that I kept waking him up out of a dead sleep to ask him if he was okay.

I was cuddling with Johnny and looking at his hand. I kissed one of his fingers and Johnny just starts laughing. I didn't understand why it was funny and a few minutes later, after Johnny could finally stop laughing, he confessed. "I just picked my nose!"

Going to school at BYU means having a graduate student parking lot pass. However, before Johnny was born, I often justified parking illegally so that I wouldn't have to walk too far to class. Then after Johnny was born, I continued to justify parking illegally so I wouldn't have to carry the baby so far. I probably got 6 parking tickets and you are only allowed to have 7 before BYU kicks you off campus. I always paid my tickets, knowing that it was worth the $10 to me if I got caught. Horrible, I know. Johnny saw a parking ticket on my car floor and asked, surprised, "When did you get a parking ticket?" I replied with honesty, "Always."


Amy said...

Wow lots of new posts all of a sudden. I love the boating pictures and it looks like sooo much fun. Glad you're getting so much use out of it. I LOVED your anniversary post. I love that you guys have a quote book. What a great way to remember funny stuff. My FAVORITE was the "I just picked my nose" story. I laughed out loud. I want to know, though, what was YOUR reaction? Were you grossed out or still too newly wed to care?? I need to think really hard about funny moments we've had and try to document them. Awesome post.

Tom and Mel said...

Hey Christine! This is Mel Jensen (sis. higginbotham from the mission). Happy Anniversary! I loved reading this post. It was quite funny, esp. the memory of when you kissed your hub's finger and he laughed b/c he'd just picked his nose. I told my hub about that one! ;-) Looks like you're doing so great and your little son is darling!

Kenna said...

We love you guys, I couldnt stop laughing after reading all the fun memories.

Tawsha said...

How neat! Happy Anniversary you two!! love and hugs!