Friday, February 15, 2008

From the mouths of babes

Driving home with Isaac, Ila and baby Johnny in the back seat, Isaac is holding a Power Rangers action figure that our five year old neighbor, Gavin, left at our house. Isaac and Gavin play together every once in a while.

Isaac (speaking for the Power Ranger): "I am a superhero. I am not Gavin's. I like Isaac. Do you know Dora? (speaking to Ila) Are you Dora?"

Ila (speaking for herself): "My name is Ila."

Isaac (speaking for the Power Ranger): "Hi, Dora."

Ila (silence)

Isaac (don't know who he is speaking for now): "Dora, why are you not saying anything?"

During the same drive home, Ila threw her lion into the back window of the car. I told Isaac he could try to reach for it but he was not allowed to unbuckle his seatbelt. Isaac recovered the toy lion and handed it back to Ila.

Christine: "Isaac, you got the lion for your sister! You are the hero!"

Isaac: "I am not a hero. Heroes wear capes."

Christine: "Well, then what are you?"

Isaac: "I am a man."

You can tell it was quite a long drive and the Canlas kiddos are quite humorous because there's more. Ila had a poopy diaper. Isaac is famous for his incredible and oft put to good use sense of smell. He smells things before he eats them and if they don't pass the sniffer test, he will not partake. He caught a whiff of the stinky diaper and immediately plugged his nose.

Isaac: "Eeew! Yucky! I smell Ila's poop! I'm going to eat my shoe."

And I assume, in order to get the bad smell out of his nose and mouth, he started licking his shoe.

Before this eventful drive, Isaac was upset at Chuck-o-Rama that he didn't have any chocolate chips on his soft-serve ice cream. So I scooped some of Ruby's chocolate chips from her long since abandoned bowl and put them on top of Isaac's ice cream.

Christine: "Isaac, can you say thank you to Ruby for being so nice?"

Isaac: "Thanks, Ruby. She's the perfect sister for me."

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