Saturday, May 23, 2015

We love America...and Hillcrest

Hillcrest was a hard transition for us. I pulled Johnny out of a charter school where he had gone for a year and a half and put him into our neighborhood school. I can't believe I didn't realize how incredible Hillcrest is! His first grade teacher has helped him catch up a full school year of work in just 5 months. He would come home every day and just tell me how much he hated it. Because he had to sit at a desk and follow directions. Crazy stuff like that. But he has absolutely rocked this. I'm so glad I didn't wait for the school year to end. Hillcrest has amazing programs and education and opportunities to shine. Johnny loved it now. He came to me the other night and said, "Mom, I love to read." The enormity of that sentiment is monumental after the huge struggle and hours we have put into teaching him. I'm so proud of him. 

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