Saturday, July 5, 2014

Almost too gross to post...Almost

The pile of hair from my first day of cutting five heads of hair in the same day. I am most proud of Davie's hair because I was the most scared of it. I did not want to have to keep cutting shorter and shorter to fix a mistake. 
I was most excited to cut Johnny's hair. He said,"Mom, cut my rat tail off because it's no fair that I can't see it but other people can see it." Totally awesome. I had let him grow a rat tail because I was bribing him months ago to let me cut any part of his hair and I thought he would forget about it. 2 inches of rat tail later, he requested the cut himself. Paradox if parental submission. You eventually get what you want, people.
I took a large nap apr├Ęs les coupes de cheveaux. Exhausting. The pile of different colors of hair astounds me. How do I not have a red head? Will this next baby be red? I can't wait to see.

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