Tuesday, September 17, 2013

No shirt No service

Davis is making me soup.  We are sitting in the front yard and I am utilizing the virtue of a phone filled with technology.  Blogging, thank you Katie for telling me about it, while I sit and watch my children and their friends run around our toy play land, thank you Becca for giving us your leftover toys. My heart is full and sad and full of sad. I just got some sad news. My heart breaks for the evil raging in the hearts of humans. For the influence of Satan. For the happiness forfeited. For the deception taking place.  Humans lie to each other, we lie to ourselves and we lie to God. And what a bummer. I'm so disheartened. Thank goodness for shirtless soup makers. He turns 3 next week. So crazy. So adorable. His golden locks are long as ever. Thank goodness for the love of children today. Despite the hole kicked in the ceiling from the bunk bed. I think of Carlie Sue ''What goes around comes around'' and I think of my white skates with purple wheels and brake and the hole I kicked in the Ashby Hills house. Sheesh, karma!

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