Friday, August 23, 2013

Bitter Butter Milk

My heart almost broke when Skyla took a huge swig of milk. She spit it right out and exclaimed, "This milk is sour!" Poor darlin' had poured from the buttermilk quart jug. We just turned into a gallon a day family and I had not gone to the store to restock with six more gallons. What a gross way to find out you don't like the taste of buttermilk. I personally have only used it in baking - it is the secret to moist banana bread. So, here's the evidence of our distaste for the vile viscous liquid.

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AlexisAR said...

I'm totally with Skyla on this one.

I used to have what was called a "Donner Party List." The list started when I was very little after my family had visted the Donner site at Truckee, and became officially obsolete on my 18th birthday, although it had unoficially dwindled into obscurity before because, with everyone's crazy schedules, we were lucky to get in four meals a week as a family the lsst two years of my under-aged status. My Donner Party List was a list of foods, drinks, or anything I refused to consume, as in I would've starved to death or eaten pat of Tamsen Donner's leg before I ate or drank any of the given items on the list. My parents could;ve had me carted away to juvey and I still wouldn't have eaten any of those foods even thugh everything served at juvey was probably on my Donner Party List as well.

It started out that my dad let me have ten items on the list. I remember cottage cheese being number one and rhubarb number two. By the end, there were well over one hundred foods and beverages listed -- mostly foods, but buttermilk and eggnog were on it as well.

I don't think I could keep down a tablespoon of buttermilk if I were offered ten thousand dollars for the feat, and I'm not a trust fund baby.