Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorable Memorial Day

Sunday dinner yesterday, we decided at Beal's that we want to do Dead Man Dinner on Memorial Day to honor those who are...dead. We can sit around the table and eat recipes from our dearly departed. Yesterday we ate Grandma Bebosby's chocolate cake. Which is a deliciously moist chocolate cake with butter melted on top. None of the brother-in-laws understand how it is because it looks so plain. But it is awesome. Right after our first official dead man dinner, we whisked away to our camping ground-Nana and Papa's backyard. We roasted 'mallows for s'mores and set up our rockin' tent that we all fit inside, set up the baby monitor so Scotty was spared sleeping with the family, and cuddled ourselves to sleep. Evelyn kept asking, "Can we go to bed? When can we go to sleep?" She was sick of the fire and wanted in on the tent. Awesome camping. I brought Davis in with me at 4:30 am to feed Scotty and we stayed inside to finish our sleepies. Our dad left at 7:30 to help the young men in the ward set up flags for Memorial Day. I left at 7:45 to run with my neighbors for our visiting teaching appointment. It was killer. I wish I could say we ran 6 miles, but I bet it was 5. And I made them walk more than I care to admit. But I did it! Bring on the Ragnar last month of training! Peek-a-boo, Dave. I see you!

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