Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Luv to shuv

I love to shovel snow. I have ever since we lived on Love Lane, sister street to Backhand and Ace. I love working up a sweat in the freezing cold. And I love finding pavement under a good 8 inches. It's like picking a good boogie. And we own the best snow shovel ever invented. It's a slanted piece of shovel mounted at a 45 degree slant from the handle. So all you do is walk and push and the snow piles up to the side leaving a clean trail behind me. Here at our new house, we had a huge dump of snow and while it was still snowing so I got a little white cap on my head. It was extremely satisfying to clear away our new driveway because it was night time and it had never been shoveled before so I could scrape all of the old pieces away. We love you, Utah weather - greatest snow on earth.