Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sleep whenever you can

I remember pregnancy with Davis, although we didn't know it was Davis, we just had 2 names picked out - Davis or Lucy, depending on which baby made their arrival. We were traveling in the carhouse in California and we would use this awesome schedule of waking up, having breakfast, going to a new park, coming in for lunch and then having quiet time all together. I would lay down and read books with Johnny and Evelyn and we would all fall asleep. It was heavenly. I was so tired from...well, I'm not sure what from? From (that's a weird word to use three times in so short a space. It looks like a made-up word) my body working to give Davis nutrients, from running around after the two children that were not inside my womb, from supporting the extra weight my body was beginning to gain. I'm not sure, but those naps rocked.

And this pregnancy, I don't remember sleeping so much pregnant, but definitely after Scott was born. People told me when Johnny boy was born that whenever he napped, I must lay down and nap so I could keep my strength up. But with Johnny, he slept practically the first 2 months of life and I would just sit and rock in the Love Lane family room and hold him and look at him and put my ear next to his mouth to make sure he was still breathing. I never slept. But definitely after Scott was born. When he sleeps, I sleep. Usually it is around 2 pm every day after we've done an outing to the park, had lunch and Davis winds down for a nap with me while the big kids watch a show. Heaven.

Evelyn is a pro at using the camera on my phone. She takes shots all the time. I'm grateful to know what I look like when I sleep from this shot. I kind of already had an idea because every day in Senior year English class with Mr. Robinson, I would take a nap on my desk after I had eaten the pack of Reese's Pieces by arranging corresponding triangles of orange, brown and yellow candies and eating the corners respectively from each group until I had eaten them all. Freaky symptoms of OCD, people. I'm totally in remission now and trying to relinquish the facade of control that I used to maintain at all costs. Baby steps. In English class, I would wake up with a pool of drool where the candy used to be. Wish I was OCD about germs, but I'm not. So I can totally imagine sleeping with my mouth open like so. The other pictures are just about Scott because he's so adorable.

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