Sunday, June 3, 2012

Scotty was given a name and a blessing today. We love our Grandview 16th Ward family. Scott Parrish Covey was blessed to know of the love God has for him and that his family has for him. He is named for his grandpas - Scott for Beepa and Parrish is Papa's middle name, his mother's maiden name. Scotty was blessed to stand on their shoulders and the shoulders of those who have gone before.
Scotty wailed the whole blessing. At first, I thought, "Who's baby is crying?" Then I realized that it was mine...Fun gathering at our 1375 West home afterwards. We had Cafe Rio and a pinata for our cinco de Mayo baby boy. Camille Anderson guessed closest to what number baby Scott was born at the American Fork Hospital in 2012. He was #1,211. She guessed 1,111. We love you, Scott.

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