Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sister Dalton Lunch

Mom Covey is part of a women's group called Philesophians. They meet together fairly often and I look forward to when they invite daughters to come along. Mom invited us to hear Sister Dalton speak. It was days after Scotty was born, but I knew I wanted to be there. It was inspiring. She had her daughter there with her. She was adorable. The daughter shared about how she and her newly wed husband had wanted to join her mom & dad as they went through the Grand Canyon. They went on the trip, having no idea that they were planning on running through the Grand Canyon. Hilarious. They didn't even pack running shoes. But they made it. Sister Dalton was cheerful and happy and filled with testimony of our identity as daughters of God. Her purpose is to share that with others - reminding us who we are. O remember, remember and perish not. So important. Sandra and her daughters were there as well. Fun to see everyone. Someone walked up to our table and saw Katie holding Scott and gushed over how good Katie looked for having such a newborn baby. Then she was corrected and told that I was the mom and she just looked me up and down and didn't say anything. Pretty hilarious. Pretty important to not take that to mean that I looked horrible. The proof is in the pictures. Having a baby does not mean that you look like you did before you got pregnant. It means you look like you are still pregnant and it takes a while to fit back into your clothes so you keep wearing your pregnancy clothes until you don't have to anymore. Shut up, Satan. You don't even have a body...

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