Saturday, March 10, 2012

Iron Chef Marriott America

We stayed at Mountainside Marriott Resort, thanks to Aunt Marilyn's generosity. She let us use her week there because her plans changed at the last minute. Something about a wedding going on and needing to prepare for that...We took full advantage of watching the skiers right out our window, the hot tub despite warnings for pregnant people and children, the kids zone, the gym we walked through as the best short cut to the lobby but never used, luggage carts that we transported kids on and tums from the desk clerk when I had another stomach acid attack. Lovely trip.

We also won the illustrious title of Iron Chef Marriott America. Coconut was the ingredient. We made coconut peanut brittle, coconut chocolate chip cookies and a coconut fruit smoothie. It was fun. And out of thousands of Mountainside Marriott guests, we won! Even though the only other guest that registered to compete was a ten year old...We are the champions!

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