Thursday, March 10, 2011

Honest Abe

I don't know if Abraham Lincoln was an honest man. His reputation precedes him. I will ask him one day. What I did learn from him is to put the letter in the drawer. Something happens, you have an immediate reaction, so back then, I guess you would write a letter instead of an email or text or phone call. Write it while your feelings are fresh and then put it in the drawer and think about it for a day. Then, if you still feel as passionately as you do about the topic, you can act on it. But waiting usually results in a tempering of passion and calming of emotion. I have learned a lot from you, Abe. Not necessarily consistent in application, but it makes for a good examination of my often reactive instincts.

However, it was honesty that prompted this post. I tutor a cute girl in my ward in math. We hang out and work on parabolas and polynomials and Pythagoras. In exchange, she babysits for me. Totally awesome to not worry about forking out any cash when I need to be kid free. Like next Tuesday night when my huzband and I get to go out on an honest. to. goodness. date. Yipee.

So it's the end of the term and she has spent a few afternoons in a row over at my house from after school until as late as her mom will allow so we can catch up on study guides and get all of the missing assignments understood and turned in. She watches me as I'm on the floor with Davis, finishing the 3rd eat, burp, diaper change cycle since she'd been there and Eve had a couple choice diaper changes as well. Her observation was spot on.

"Sheesh. You don't do anything but change diapers all day."

You speak the honest truth, girl. More than you know...

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