Friday, February 4, 2011

Forget Simon. It's Lulu says...

Straight from Lulu's mouth. Why don't I hang out with her more often? She is a CONSTANT source of humor. Get this girl a mic and a spot on late night television.

Driving in the car at 11 pm after I had just woken her up from her bed so she could ride with me to my house. I'm talking to Johnny and Lulu about how fun our sleepover is going to be. First thing she says to me in the car.
Lulu: Wuss yo dad's name?

Johnny and Lulu are playing house. There are some discrepancies about who is the mommy, who is the daddy, and who is the dog. Lulu tries to make peace with Johnny.
Lulu: I love you, son.

Disclaimer* Lulu did not provide the following quote although it is right in line with her humor.
Christine: Hey, cute kid. You shouldn't do that. Your mom just asked you not to do that and here is why you shouldn't be doing that. (I thought I was helping another mother out by enforcing her expectations and giving logic to the child about the reasons why he was expected to comply)
Cute kid: Oh, no. I can do whatever I want.
Christine: Why's that?
Cute kid: Because we don't have a deal. If you make a deal, then you don't do it. But if you don't have a deal then I look at the kid and say, "Do I want to hit him?"

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