Monday, January 31, 2011

Barefoot and Barebum in the kitchen

Eve just learned how to take off her diaper. After only one harrowing and disgusting experience, I have learned the power of duct tape on a diaper during naps. She does see the need to wear her boots even if her rear end is not covered. Johnny sees no need to cover his rear end, however. I bribe him to wear underwear and it's a special occasion to get him to wear clothes. He thinks he's a dog. "I'm Itchy, mommy. Itchy no wear clothes." Itchy is the sidekick of Charlie from All Dogs Go to Heaven, which is a definite family favorite around here.


Rach said...

Ha ha haaa, I am laughing because Lily went through the same stage -- I would come in after her nap to find her diaper off and poo smeared everywhere! I HAD to put a onesie under all her clothes so she couldn't get to it!

Gina said...

Ah! I love the cute bum pictures. I think that little bare bottoms are pretty much the cutest things, unless there is poop involved.
Glad you figured out the duct tape qucikly. To my demise, it took me a little too long to learn that lesson.