Friday, July 9, 2010

3rd of July

Maakoa provided t-shirts and Kathy Bennett provided the babysitting. We rocked out at Stadium of Fire with great fireworks and entertainment. It's a once a decade life experience so, we'll see you again 2020.

Fourth of July was the Sabbath Day, so no fireworks, just burning in the bosom as we have been attending our Cedar Fort ward where we want to be living. It is a DARLING ward. Johnny boy is the only nursery age child in the congregation. So I kind of think he's behaving well, but when your child is the only one opening his mouth, it sounds very irreverent. I was completely encouraged when a good brother after sacrament said, "Hello to the Coveys! You're unforgettable." And I replied that our sacrament performance makes it that way. He got very serious and said, "Oh, don't you worry. That will come with time." How kind! I felt so understood and grateful because sometimes when people move past a certain stage in their lives, they forget that stage and hold others accountable in an unrealistic way. What a tender mercy to have him acknowledge my stage - and the fact that it will pass!

Fifth of July was the Provo Parade. Thanks to Johnstons for staking out an awesome and shaded area for us to watch. Thanks to Mom & Dad for paying for close parking so we could just walk right up to it. Thanks to Steve & Sandra for letting us use their pool for a huge family party afterwards.

This girl melts my heart. I'm so curious if she's going to have a little brother or a little sister?!?!

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