Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Show some Love

My first attempt at video on my blog. But these dance moves were too amazing not to post for all the world (Mexico) to see. Blue Team ROCKED the HOUSE.

Conference was over Easter weekend. Johnny boy got an Easter basket with lots of plastic eggs and treats. He has been begging to hold the eggs when I make breakfast in the morning. He carries the egg around all day and inevitably drops it and breaks it, sending him into a fit of absolute tears. I couldn't figure out why he was so infatuated with eggs and so upset about breaking them until I was actually thinking about the Land Before Time movie he watches. It's all about the egg snatchers and the baby dinos taking care of the chomper egg.

So, anyways. This Easter Johnny was playing with a freaky bunny that giggles and shakes to music like that tickle me Elmo toy. It totally occupied him for a freaky amount of time.

The other favorite activity of the day was mopping the kitchen floor with Nana. Johnny was an eager albeit ineffective helper.

We're all about keeping it even-steven in this family. So since I've painted my nails once in my entire life, it was only fair to paint Eve's nails at least once. Collette had her cute niece over during conference so we joined the pretty parade.

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Katie said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR POSTING THESE SO I COULD SEE THEM! I love them and I love all your recent posts!

You are the best!