Thursday, September 10, 2009

Guinness Book of World Records

What, do you think, is the absolutely positively most disgusting thing that could have happened to me today?

Pulling a load of towels out of the dryer and finding a used diaper inside.

You might be interested in finding out what was the second most disgusting thing that I am actually admitting to in public?

I gave the towels a sniff to confirm that I needed to rewash them. Disgusting at two levels - first, that I would put my nose in a situation that would obviously be unpleasant and second, that I even considered that rewashing might not be necessary because it was just a wet diaper.

At our house, we have diaper soccer. It's a game we invented to enjoy the fact that I am too lazy to throw away dirty diapers after I change our two dirty diaper producing children. I usually do get up and throw away the stinkies, but if it's only wet, I wrap it up tight in a little burrito and toss it with confidence into the proverbial pile. With all the diapers laying around, it's just a shame to let them go to waste and even the neighborhood boys like to kick them around. They probably enjoy it so much because their mothers would never leave such disgusting items laying around in piles in their homes. There is usually a large pile just in front of the laundry room door. With all of my laundry I've piled up over the past few weeks, I must have scooped up a diaper inadvertently and thrown it into the wash. Let's just say I've forsaken the sport of diaper soccer and will not endorse it ever again. Ever.


Megs said...

I have done that before. Let's just say I have a similar problem as you!! Drives Matt crazy, but what can you do. I really do love that you smelled it.

Camille said...


Susie Faye said...

Christine, so every time I read your blog I think the same thing: "She is so great! What a great little family. Her humor is so my wait, why don't we hang out again?"
I guess it's cuz my link to you guys is through Russ and he's so busy he can't even see straight--but maybe you and I could plan something and then invite our husbands to show up?